Airenjuku Dojo (Airenjuku means Small School of Harmonious Practice) has a long history, beginning as Kanetsuka sensei’s Saturday practice within the BAF at Albany Street dojo in the late 1970s.

Under Tom and Maria Helsby it was renamed Airenjuku in the late 1980s and moved to SOAS with Chris Reid and Sue Smith in 1989 when the Albany Street dojo was redeveloped. The club provides a basic grounding in Aikido, both empty hand and weapons, to new students and others and to provide somewhere for those who already practice Aikido with other organisations from other countries. Airenjuku now operates across a number of venues in London which are mainly focused on university clubs. We are also open to non-students, which gives continuity and a wide range of training partner experience.

Airenjuku has instructors who work together from different organisations, these being the United Kingdom Aikikai and Te Shin Kai Aikido Association. We hold regular courses with senior teachers from the UKA, Te Shin Kai and other organisations. Through it’s affiliation Airenjuku instructors are registered with the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan.

We hope that you find the information on this website useful and we look forward to meeting you.